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  A few years ago, it was possible to get shoes fitted and made to order. It took some time for the shoemaker to do his magic but the result was an custom-fitted shoe crafted by hand.

 We are proud to carry on this tradition: we have been making hand-nailed leather clogs with alder soles in Oregon since 1938, to the custom specifications of each customer's feet. With just two careful measurements, foot length and instep, we are able to fit nearly all feet. If your feet are somewhat unique, we may need additional information. We offer many styles, dozens of colors and many variations. We challenge you to find clogs at any price made with this care and craft.

  We try to make your order as risk-free as possible: If your custom clogs are not correct, we can usually adjust the fit and return them to you, with Multnomah Leather paying all the shipping. We guarantee a full refund of the order price and postage if you decide to return your clogs. Enjoy the durability and fit that is hard to find in a world of mass-produced shoes made for "average" feet.

  Our clogs are made to order; there are several processes that take time, please allow 3-4 weeks from the time we get your order information until we ship them to you by Priority Mail. International orders have additional shipping and customs costs. If you have any questions, contact us by email or phone Mark at 503-227-4887.

  When in Portland, you can get fitted and order our clogs at our retail partner: Nob Hill Shoe Repair at 511 NW 21st St. in Portland, Oregon. They are open Monday-Friday.
Call David at (503)997-9131 to get their hours.